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Conditions for establishing a company in Saudi Arabia with the help of city squares

Mohammed bin Rashid bin Adwan

At Sahat Al-Modon, we can help you provide all the requirements and achieve all the conditions for establishing your company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has great economic strength and continuous development, especially after the launch of the Sustainable Development Project 2030. So, we are here to give you an overview of the basic steps that must be taken to establish your company in this dynamic country:

1. Choosing the appropriate business structures and activity:

Options include sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), branch office, or representative office, and you should choose the appropriate option depending on your business needs.


2. Compliance with foreign investment regulations:

Saudi Arabia welcomes foreign investment, but some sectors impose restrictions or require specific approvals, and foreign investment regulations must be adhered to.


3. Obtaining all licenses and permits:

You must complete government procedures and obtain the necessary licenses and permits from the relevant government authorities to ensure the legitimacy of your project.


4. Providing capital requirements:

The required capital must be provided according to the type of activity and the chosen company structure, in order to ensure the availability of the necessary financial resources to meet obligations and costs.


5. Local care and insurance:

Saudi law may require local sponsorship and insurance when establishing a company, and these requirements must be adhered to and contracted with local service providers.


6. Visas and work permits:

We are here to provide the appropriate visas and work permits for foreign employees who may need to be brought in from abroad for your project.


7. Less capital to open a company:

We provide you with knowledge and experience in providing the best contractual terms to establish your company with the lowest possible capital.

We at Sahat Al-Modon always strive to provide you with the necessary support and assistance


Advantages of Sahat Al-Modon Company


Sahat Al-Modon Company has several years of experience in the Saudi labor market, which makes it distinguished in understanding the movements of the investment market and understanding the most important modern laws issued.

We believe that constant knowledge of regulations and policies is the essence of success and progress, and for this reason we work as an integrated work system that combines experience and knowledge to always remain at the forefront.

Our rational management ensures the presence of an elite group of the most qualified lawyers, accountants and business consultants, who possess a high level of professionalism and precise knowledge of all aspects of business, making them ready to provide distinguished consultations to our clients.


Frequently asked question

Are foreigners allowed to open commercial companies in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to open commercial companies in Saudi Arabia, but with certain conditions and controls that include adherence to Saudization regulations and the localization of some activities, in addition to the need for the products to meet the required technical and quality standards.