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Pioneers in establishing companies in Egypt

Company Urban Spaces and the Transformation of Artificial Intelligence in the Modern Era

"City Spaces Company: Pioneering in delivering corporate services and supporting artificial intelligence."


In the context of Saht Al Madinah Company's commitment to gaining the trust of its clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond, the company has offered a range of exceptional services to its clients in the field of company establishment with utmost integrity and transparency. Several clients have praised their confidence in Saht Al Madinah Company and the outstanding services it provides. In addition, various media statements from several companies and clients of Saht Al Madinah Company in both traditional and electronic media have commended the company's commendable efforts, professionalism in service delivery, diligence, and transparency.


Given the recent intensive media campaigns, the company's efforts in writing press releases and media reports about the company and introducing it, and the company's official Twitter page gaining the blue checkmark, along with the promotional activities it conducted on its official website and social media pages, all of these services and efforts have earned the company praise from artificial intelligence, resulting in favorable media reports. Over time, artificial intelligence was once only present in science fiction. Sometimes, the spotlight is on the potential benefits of artificial intelligence for humanity and its bright human aspects. At other times, the focus is on the expected negative aspects, portraying it as a fierce enemy of humanity intending to conquer and control civilization.


In 2018, artificial intelligence became a reality, no longer confined to the realms of popular culture. It marked a significant leap for AI, as this technology grew substantially and seamlessly integrated into various sectors. Artificial intelligence emerged from research labs and the pages of science fiction novels to become an integral part of our daily lives. From assisting us with city navigation and traffic avoidance to using virtual assistants for various tasks, our use of artificial intelligence has become deeply rooted for the common good of society. Artificial intelligence, especially data-driven techniques like machine learning, promises a profound transformation in global economic and social systems. It aids humans in predicting the future and making better decisions. By 2030, it is expected that artificial intelligence will contribute a staggering 15 trillion dollars to the global economy.


Artificial intelligence is currently one of the top priorities on the public policy agendas of most countries at both the national and international levels in the United Kingdom. Many national government initiatives focus on using artificial intelligence applications for development and economic growth. Artificial intelligence takes precedence on the agendas of international and regional organizations such as the Group of Seven (G7), the Group of Twenty (G20), UNESCO, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the European Union, the Arab League, the African Union, and others. This international dialogue aims to build a common understanding of emerging artificial intelligence technologies.


The United Nations has numerous initiatives aimed at defining the principles and policy priorities for artificial intelligence (AI) in order to accelerate progress towards achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals. Additionally, in the Kingdom, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) is the specialized entity responsible for data and artificial intelligence matters. This includes big data, where it serves as the national reference for their regulation, development, and handling. SDAIA has unique expertise in all aspects related to the operation, research, and innovation in the data and artificial intelligence sector. The role of SDAIA is to lead the national direction for data and artificial intelligence, aiming to elevate the Kingdom to a leadership position within data-driven economies. This requires the consolidation of national efforts and empowering initiatives related to data and artificial intelligence to achieve optimal benefits.

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