VIP services and welcoming delegations

The services for VIPs and welcoming delegations are a set of specialized services aimed at meeting the needs of sophisticated clients and distinguished guests with the highest level of luxury and professionalism. This contributes to achieving an exceptional experience for VIPs and delegation guests.






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Our services in VIP services and welcoming delegations

VIP services and welcoming delegations Within the Arab Republic of Egypt .


Luxury car reception service with a specialized driver

The company "City Squares" offers a luxury car reception service with a professional driver to provide a comfortable and distinctive travel experience. The service includes high-quality luxury cars, specialized drivers, airport pick-up and drop-off, additional services such as drinks and snacks, and flexibility in booking. This service is suitable for individuals and businesses and helps provide a unique travel experience for both leisure and business purposes.


Receiving dignitaries and delegations

The VIP and delegation reception service provided by City Squares Company aims to host distinguished guests and official delegations, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for them. This service includes welcoming them at the airport, arranging accommodation and providing meals, offering transportation and drivers, as well as organizing meetings and events and providing logistical support and translation services as needed. This service contributes to the success of visits, enhances international and business relations, and promotes communication between different cultures and nations.

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