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The services of public relations and corporate communication are an essential part of the strategy of any organization aiming to build and enhance its reputation and relationships with various segments of society. They aim to spread a positive message about the institution and enhance the public's understanding of its goals and activities. Meanwhile, corporate communication is about promoting trust, transparency, and corporate responsibility. These services play a crucial role in building strong relationships with customers, investors, the local community, and business partners, contributing to the success and sustainability of the institution.






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Reorganizing departments and divisions

Restructuring is necessary for companies to remain competitive, especially when companies need to maintain their competitive advantage in the face of developments in their industry. Cityscape Company offers department and administration restructuring services to institutions and companies with the aim of improving efficiency and performance. The service includes assessing the current organizational structure, identifying needs, redesigning the organizational structure, reorganizing departments and divisions, implementing changes, and monitoring and evaluating performance, allowing the company the opportunity to maintain its competitive edge and improve its financial resources or enhance its organizational structure and adapt to changes in the industry. For this reason, companies can stay on par with competitors and ensure the preservation of a strong business entity.


The organization of meetings, specialized conferences, and seminars

Organizing conferences and events is one of the exciting and innovative ways to convey the purpose and message to institutions and organizations' relevant audience. Whether it's for launching a new product or service, fundraising, or showcasing achievements, event management and planning remain one of the most complex and detail-oriented fields due to the vast number of tasks and procedures that need to be considered and coordinated to provide and complete them successfully. Since this type of service requires extensive expertise in managing exhibitions and conferences, the City Squares company, through its specialized and expert team in organizational affairs for exhibitions and conferences, aims to provide specialized event organization services and seminars in a distinctive contemporary style that matches the global standards followed by major companies worldwide. We seek to secure all the mechanisms for executing the event, as requested by the client, professionally and efficiently, by researching the appropriate timing, the target audience, the topics it will revolve around, both short-term and long-term goals, and the message that should be conveyed to the audience through its organization.


Preparing media and advertising campaigns

Advertising and media campaigns are the most effective strategies a company can possess to enhance visibility, increase customer loyalty, improve conversions, and boost sales. Creating an advertising or media campaign requires a lot of work, but without a plan or a specialized expert, the campaign may end up being nothing more than a waste of money. Sahaat Al Madin offers advertising and media campaign preparation services for companies and institutions in various fields to enhance their brand presence and increase their sales. This service includes campaign strategy, media selection, ad design, media buying and planning, campaign execution, and performance evaluation to achieve maximum benefits and success in the market.


Consultations and Strategic Plans

The consultancy and strategic planning services we offer at Sahat Al Madin aim to assist organizations and companies in developing effective and sustainable strategies and organizational plans that help them achieve their goals and vision. This service includes conducting a comprehensive analysis of the organization or company to understand potential challenges and opportunities, defining objectives and vision, developing necessary strategic plans, guiding plan execution, as well as monitoring and evaluating organizational performance and adjusting the strategy as needed.

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