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Our clients can benefit from our services in the post-company establishment phase. Whether they are foreign, Arab, or local companies, we offer a diverse range of services to assist them in developing their businesses and ensuring their successful positioning in the market.






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Our services in Post incorporation services in Egypt

Post incorporation services in Egypt Within the Arab Republic of Egypt .


"Service for selecting the company's location (administrative or industrial) in the appropriate place

Choosing the right location for a project is a crucial aspect that directly impacts the success and future sustainability of the project. The service of selecting the company's location offered by Urban Spaces Company is a fundamental step in determining the ideal location for your company, whether it is administrative or industrial. Success and sustainability depend on several factors, including choosing a location that enhances its concept, proximity to the target customers and the local market, infrastructure availability, costs, workforce availability, compliance with permits, and future strategy. By carefully choosing your location, you can increase the chances of success for your business and make the most of the surrounding environment.


Establishment of contracts

The service of establishing contracts aims to draft and prepare the legal documents for the formation of companies and the regulation of relationships between partners or shareholders. This service includes drafting founding documents, determining the company type, distributing shares or stakes, specifying administrative procedures, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This service helps document relationships, provide clarity, and offer legal protection to all parties involved when establishing companies and commercial enterprises.


Completion of government transactions

The government transaction service provided by the company "City Squares" aims to simplify and facilitate the completion of governmental transactions and procedures for individuals and businesses. This assistance includes filling out forms, gathering the required documents, monitoring transaction progress, and communicating with government authorities, organizing documents, and adhering to deadlines. This service saves time and effort, reduces complications, and is particularly helpful for those in need of support in this context.


Cargo and Equipment Reception Service with Customs Clearance

The service of receiving goods and equipment and customs clearance from the company "City Squares" aims to facilitate and organize shipping and import operations. This service includes receiving goods and equipment from exporters and ensuring their safe and complete delivery. Safe temporary storage spaces are also provided, along with customs procedures, distribution, delivery, and the preparation of necessary documents. This service contributes to improving the efficiency of the supply chain and saving time and effort for companies and individuals.


Accommodation services

Residency services aim to facilitate the transition to a new environment and provide the necessary support for individuals and companies wishing to live or work in other regions or countries. These services include searching for suitable accommodation, issuing visas, logistical support, education, healthcare services, introducing the local language and culture, and legal advice. These services play a vital role in achieving successful adaptation in the new destination.


Financial and advisory services

The company "City Squares" offers a variety of financial and advisory services to individuals and businesses. These services include secure investments, asset management, business and financial planning, taxation, retirement planning, debt management, and personal financial guidance. All of these services aim to achieve sustainable financial goals based on the needs and objectives of each client.

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