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Start your company in Egypt with City Squares easily! "Many procedures make it difficult for investors to complete the company formation process on their own. These procedures often require dealing with a complex set of documents and permits and interacting with local and governmental authorities. That's why City Squares Company is an ideal choice for investors seeking ease in company formation procedures and compliance with local laws and regulations, as it provides investors with experts who have a deep understanding of local and international laws and regulations related to company formation."






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Company Formation Services in Egypt Within the Arab Republic of Egypt .


Local Company Formation Services

The service of establishing local companies is provided by the City Squares Company for individuals and institutions wishing to set up companies in the country or the local region. The service includes legal procedures, permits, legal documents, as well as financial support to facilitate the establishment process and ensure compliance with local laws.


Feasibility Studies Services

The feasibility study service is provided by City Squares Company to evaluate the financial and economic feasibility of projects and investments. This includes market analysis, implementation costs, expected revenues, financial feasibility, and risk assessment, all of which assist in making informed investment decisions.


Visa processing service

The company "City Squares" offers a comprehensive service for obtaining visas, including providing advice, preparing documents, filling out applications, legal support, monitoring the process, arranging appointments, and travel tips.


Business plan service

The business plan service offered by City Squares Company aims to analyze and strategically plan business operations, as well as prepare a written document that outlines how to effectively and sustainably execute and manage business activities. This service includes market and industry analysis, competitor assessment, goal and vision setting, the development of specific strategies, the preparation of detailed financial projections, the formulation of an executive plan, along with regular monitoring and evaluation. Creating a comprehensive business plan is essential for the success of any project or business venture.


Bank Account Opening Services

The banking account opening service provided by City Squares Company aims to assist new business owners in opening bank accounts that align with their business needs. This service includes financial consultations for selecting the appropriate bank, preparing the necessary documents, and submitting applications to the banks on behalf of the client. The company also offers advice on additional banking services and provides account management services on behalf of the client.


Registering trademarks and commercial agencies

The service of registering trademarks and commercial agencies provided by the company "City Squares " aims to protect the rights of business owners in their brand identity through legal consultations, research and evaluation, document preparation, process monitoring, and rights protection, in addition to regular registration renewal.

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