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Business services and establishing companies outside or inside Egypt , Saudi Arabia, Amman.

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Legalization of the document for the parent company in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs


With Cities, you will not feel the diversity and multiplicity of legal measures related to the basics of your business activity

Documents required

Choosing a trade name.

Choosing the company's activities.

A copy of the passport and national ID card.

Power of attorney for the City Square Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt

  • City squares Company is present in the Arab Republic of Egypt and is an official entity authorized by the government.
  • Registering a branch for a company in the Arab Republic of Egypt typically takes between 15 to 25 working days, but it can vary depending on external approvals.
  • All documents are kept strictly confidential in a special file by City squares Company in case they are needed in the future by the client.

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